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Introducing Grumble, Enabling Smart Global Business Practices

In today’s fast paced world, the ability to transact internationally is imperative but many countries still expect cross border traders to maintain a legal presence in their country. Setting up new businesses or offices in the USA, for example, is not an easy task, unless you have an on-the-ground business partner.

This is where Grumble, a newly-formed US agency, comes into its own. Grumble is a reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable firm focused on taking the stress out of setting up its clients in their own business and enabling them to manage that business from almost anywhere in the world.

With offices in the USA, and partner offices in the UK, Estonia, and The Netherlands, Grumble is fully aware of the legal requirements and compliance processes  necessary to enable businesses to flourish. Grumble services include:

  • Incorporation: fast and efficient setups, thus letting clients focus on what really matters in their business.
  • Registered agent: taking the stress out of incorporation by providing a registered agent within the country of choice
  • Professional services for banking, tax, accounting, legal, virtual office requirements etc

Grumble provides a personal approach to helping clients set up businesses that are legal and compliant, by leveraging on its knowledge and global experience. It offers easy and efficient setup and registration of an all-in-one business advisory solution, with no hidden fees and transparency of transactions.

Grumble is part of a family of companies registered and licensed across the globe working together towards one common goal – to provide transparent, trustworthy and personalised financial and legal services to those taking advantage of the global spread of business.

Review our partners below and see how they can take your business further and be financially more rewarding.

Need to transact internationally? Our partner, PayPugs, makes international trading easy.

Businesses (especially those in medium to high-risk industries) need tailored banking offerings that fit their demands and grow with them. Solutions rooted in the digital age knowing that financial services should provide international expertise.

PayPugs enables its customers to do business in the new economy without borders and make decisions based on choice and behaviour. 

This includes the use of:

• Cryptocurrencies

• Card transactions

• International transfers

These tools can be utilized effortlessly through the team’s assistance with common issues such as:

• Complying with money-laundering (AML) rules that vary by country

• Complying with necessary ‘know your customer’ (KYC) regulations

All of the above is accomplished without expecting clients to manage the complex requirements of international business today.

For more information, go to

Need to pay multiple project partners? Our partner Velvet Platform makes escrow payments a snap.

Velvet Platform knows the daily challenges that teams, project managers and freelancers face on how to work together and get paid fairly, safely and accurately for collaborative projects across the country and international borders? By setting up an account with Velvet Platform, project managers and freelancers can manage and receive the money for projects shared by independent contractors, events’ organisers, freelancers and project managers.

For more information, go to

Accounting nightmares easily solved with our partner, Xero

Xero offers cloud-based accounting software that connects small business owners with the right numbers anytime, anywhere, on any device, through online collaboration. Worldwide, it helps over 2 million+ subscribers transform the way they do business. Globally, it is one of the fastest growing software as a service (SaaS) companies and was identified by Forbes as the World’s Most Innovative Growth Company in 2014 and 2015.For more information, go to

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